The MARVIN Workflow

The MARVIN workflow offers a raft of advantages over the various ad hoc, and sometimes risky practices currently used to convey data from the shooting location to the postproduction facility. In their place, MARVIN establishes a simple set of protocols, simplifying and streamlining the process for everyone – and virtually eliminating the risk of data loss.

Once the camera’s removable media is attached, MARVIN gets to work. First, MARVIN automatically creates verified copies of every shot to its own internal RAID5 storage array and ejects the media, ready for re-use. During the day, MARVIN automatically generates multiple verified LTO copies of every shot, along with QuickTime files for offline editing, and DVD dailies.

MARVIN is designed to accommodate multi-camera shoots, including specialised high-speed camera work and stereo workflows.

Safe and Secure

If you want to keep your data safe from loss, you keep more than one copy. With MARVIN, one LTO tape can be sent to the post house, while another is stored in a secure location. Even if a tape is lost, its data is secure and new tapes can be generated from the MARVIN’s internal RAID5 storage array.

Putting the Pieces Together in Post

MARVIN InPost closes the circle, automatically restoring just those shots identified in the EDL for further post processing. All shooting notes are included with each shot