MARVIN Goes to Sweden

Ljud & Bildmedia Purchases Two MARVIN Systems for On-Set Camera Data Management

London: October 20, 2010… MARVIN Technologies today announced the sale of two MARVIN systems to Stockholm-based Ljud & Bildmedia, one of Sweden’s leading film production rental houses. MARVIN provides a one-step solution for backing up capture data and generating all camera deliverables on the spot, including LTO tape masters, offline files, DVD Dailies and high resolution production stills. “We’ve been looking for something like this for some time,” said Björn Thisell, founder and owner of Ljud & Bildmedia. “We have always had to make a whole long list of decisions about what equipment needs to go on set for each project, but with MARVIN the decision is already made.”

Ljud & Bildmedia, which has been in business for two decades, employs 27 and offers filmmakers the full range of digital formats from small HDV cameras, to HDCAM, HDCAM SR, to RED, ARRI ALEXA and Phantom Flex. The facility provides comprehensive rental services, including lighting, audio, grip, trucks, generators and a service department for both lenses and video equipment, and has a client list of over 4,000 filmmakers, broadcasters and production companies.

“Many of us here at LBM have a background working with film production in the field,” explained Thisell. “We know how stressful it can be, and we are very aware of our clients’ need for reliable tools. We want to make it easier and cheaper for our customers to safety copy and transfer for storing (LTO), not to mention creating a DVD of all the takes from the day to make the director happy!”

“We’re honoured to have a high-profile rental house like Ljud & Bildmedia choose MARVIN,” said Adam Welsh, general manager of MARVIN Technologies. “For rental houses a simple and reliable digital data workflow is win-win situation for them and their customers. Production companies can work much more efficiently and the rental house saves a lot of time and hassle helping their customers recover from data disasters.”

MARVIN is available from MARVIN Technologies, or through Band Pro Film and Digital in the United States and Germany. For more information call +44 1279 758285 or visit