With MARVIN, filmmakers finally have a reliable, streamlined data workflow. Rather than manually wrangling data every time for backups and distribution formats, MARVIN executes all of this in one simple process.

What does MARVIN do?

MARVIN automates the data workflow for digital cinematography. Shot logging, RAID5 backup, verified LTO tape masters, DVD dailies, and QuickTimes for offline editing are all generated from the camera data. The system is efficient, reliable and transparent. In postproduction, MARVIN, or the companion application, MARVIN InPost, automatically restores shots identified in the EDL/XML for visual effects and DI work. The result is a rock-solid data pipeline connecting all of the parts of the digital filmmaking process.

Who is MARVIN for?

MARVIN is for everyone who has made the step into digital acquisition. MARVIN provides a complete workflow for digital camera owners, and is a valuable addition for rental houses, saving their clients’ time, and protecting their data. MARVIN allows filmmakers and independent studios to focus more on their work and less on their workflow. MARVIN quickly pays for itself, thanks to reduced operator costs and improved data security. Finally, MARVIN represents a new standard in reliability for digital broadcast production.

Which cameras does MARVIN support?

MARVIN will soon capture, process, and distribute data from all popular cameras, such as the RED, Phantom, Arri D21/Alexa, Weisscam, SI 2K and Panasonic P2 cameras. Footage from different cameras will be handled transparently, and everything will end up on the same LTO tapes and the same End of Day Video DVD for each day.

Multi-camera support and simultaneous ingest mean that MARVIN is fully capable of handling stereoscopic content as well.